La Murga Armada

It all started in 2007 in Antwerp, Belgium, but before that It all started in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the beginning of 1900 … then all different communities of immigrants started playing on the streets, remembering the old traditions of their original countries, many, many years later, it Became a national tradition… “De Murgas”.
In Argentina, there are hundreds or them, each-which counts hundreds of participants. The Carnival is their “big moment” when big and small, black or white, boys and girls, take over the streets converting it into their playground “Momo” is the king, and everybody can play along!.

Here in Belgium, the same spirit of community brought people back together, and during 10 years the Murgas took over the city of Antwerp in a big parade.
… La Murga Armada is the consequence of all this brotherhood. It’s repertory has been composed between Buenos Aires, Johannesburg and Antwerp. It’s difficult to talk about a music style when It Comes to define “La Murga Armada”… Murga, off course, and reggae, cumbia, funk… It’s a feeling. It’s a way of understanding time and space with a smile on the face. Through the years, La Murga Armada have been playing festivals, private events, cafes, and birthday parties, collaborating with “famous” artists, and lovely friends making no distinction, giving everything we have, every time we get a chance to.